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12 Elizabeth Street

Can you survive the Zombie hordes and make it to the costume party

Or will you become one of the undead masses feeding on human flesh...

Zombie Apocalypse color Landscape hi-RES.jpg

2014 Zombie Apocalypse

2014 Zombie Apocalypse Haunted House

Life has been turned into chaos the forces of evil have been unleashed on the world and the dead have arisen, as hell has started to over flow and the undead spill back into the street with no where to go, they hunger for the flesh of the living.

Make your way through the cityscape careful to navigate the alley ways and brick turns avoiding obstacles while moving in the dark. Beware though the city may not be as abandoned as it seems... 

If you are one of the few to make it to the security gates on the other side of the city, you will be escorted to "Sanctuary" where the survivors of the Apocalypse enjoy the last remaining comforts the world has to offer including music, dancing, food, and games- but look closer the facade of the city hides a much darker truth...

Will you venture into the darkness and seek the unknown?


2014 Haunted House

Haunted House 2014

Zombie Apocalypse Costume Party